Be your own distributor. Brew your own beer… Make your own… Just kidding. Be your own press release distributor. That is what I meant. This has nothing to do with beer, but after you are done distributing your press release, you can sure as heck sit down and appreciate your word. And there is nothing saying that distributing a press release wouldn’t be hard work, but more than likely when you’re done, you will appreciate all the work that you have put into this! So what are the pros of actually distributing your own press release throughout the media?

The Return Value

The ROI or return of investment will not be all that it is cracked up to be. In your mind, you may think, “Hey, if I pay big bucks to have my press release written, I will get a good return on this…” Spend a chunk of money up front to make a lot of money in the long run, right? The return value is monitored by response of what comes out of each release. So does that mean that you have to have your press release written for you?

False, you don’t have to have anyone write your press release for you. You do not need a press release distribution service. If you have the ability to get or need a press release, you have the ability to write you own and pitch it yourself, the affordable way to do it. So why not take the time to do so and get the full value out of it?

The SEO Challenge

Consumers are not the target audience of press release sites, if you are having someone write your press release for you, more than likely they will be writing that press release all on their own. Think about it, if you contact a service to write and pitch your press release for you, more than likely it will be a bare bones press release and pitch, it won’t be the book that you’re looking for. There will more than likely be little to no keyword research. There may not even be any research at all, depending on what you pay for.

The pro of you writing and pitching your own press release? You can do all the research that you want. You can find all the high ranking keywords and long tails to include in your press release. The key to this challenge is finding the happy medium of having a knowledgable press release, while having an informative and thorough release without sounding as though you are running on.

Let’s Be Best Friends

Oh, hey there! Let’s be best friends? Why? Because we can benefit from each other. How? By boosting each other up when we need it. More than likely, you’ll sell your pitch to social media just by being personal and friendly with them. Imagine how boring it must be to get the same spiel every. Single. Day. A similar pitch… Nothing new and exciting. Introduce some hip-hop into that same ol’ song and dance.

So when you come along with a fun and exciting pitch, you’ll find that you may have a higher response rate. So again, I’ll say, “let’s be friends!”. Be personal and friendly in your approach, but firm and controlled with it too. You want the media to know that you are a human being… But in control, nonetheless. You’ve got this!

I Think We Have Something In Common…

More than likely you will not pitch an idea for a press release to someone that does not have the same views or interests as you, right? No! You wouldn’t! Certainly, you would not go to the sports reporter to pitch your press release about your up and coming fashion line being released. You want to appeal to people that are in the same market as you. Press releases about sports, go to the sports reporter. More than likely you wouldn’t talk to the weather man about music… You catch my drift?

You can do this. Play it smart and be sure that you are pitching your ideas to the right person. You don’t want to waste your time and their time if it isn’t something that they would generally market or promote.

Press Release Distribution

The More You Know

Be sure that you have a plan in place for when you need to properly do a press release and distribute it yourself. Did you know, that back in 2014, from the here to Canada, to the UK, to Australia and India there were more press releases written than ever before? This was the new plan of action for getting news out to the public.

If a press release was done properly, then more than likely it wouldn’t just be national news, it would be international news. Now, having as stated before, having a press release written and distributed for you, would not be cheap. There are free services out there, but more than likely if you want to be the top dog in your company or companies, you will either want to do the work your self or shell out the money for the paid services or software.

Mark Aiston

More than likely when searching for press release services near me, you will find a whole list of local companies that will be able to get your news to go global. These companies may be strictly online or maybe there is a brick and mortar near you. Maybe they will give you a guarantee of unlimited reviews for your press release… But more than likely, that will come with a price.


Or you could do it yourself and be your own advocate. Take Mark Aiston for example. He is a media specialist working with Australian media since the 1980’s that will help you gain the knowledge that you need to get publicity for FREE! He is the founder and owner at MediaInsider. A company that specialized in media training and education. How cool is that! Even cooler than that tidbit? He has provided a video of all of his knowledge that includes 2.5 hours of on-demand video, 10 supplemental resources, and lifetime access! You don’t even have to go to Australia to get this knowledge or education!

Distributing your own press release wasn’t exactly the hardest things that you have ever done, but more than likely it was out of your comfort zone. Maybe you just needed to know the pros of actually doing your own press release, maybe it was just enough rhyme and reason to push you to do your own press release distribution. Next time you need to push out a press release, give it a whirl! You can do it! And when you’re done with that, have yourself a cold drink and toast yourself for that accomplishment. More than likely, you will have some mistakes, but that is what “next time” is for! Learn from your mistakes!  For more tips and tricks, see our previous post on how to write a press release!