Live streaming is the hottest new outreach technique available, and there are many social media experts who understand the need to live stream in order to drive traffic. Far fewer understand just what live streaming is (and is not), why it is important, and some of the key things to keep in mind when putting up live content. Youtube is second only to Facebook for networking and only to Google for internet searches and is a great place to build a live stream audience. Here we cover the basics on how to stream on Youtube.

What Is Streaming On YouTube?

Live streaming has become simple to implement, requiring only a camera and a stable internet connection. Live streaming on YouTube is the process of running a video and audio feed onto the internet in real time, meaning as events unfold.  Live streaming also has the capacity to produce recorded archives of events.

Why It Is Important To Know How To Stream On YouTube?

Live streaming just makes sense from an outreach perspective. Video outreach has been hot for a while, and live streaming videos have now supplanted pre-recorded videos as the way to reach an audience. Live streaming has many qualities that make it superior to video.

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10 Tips On How To Stream On YouTube

We assume that you already know the basics on how to stream on YouTube, and we intend to provide you with some tips to make your live streaming more successful. YouTube provides basic tutorials to get you streaming in minutes. Here are the top 10 tips on how to stream on YouTube.

1. Plan Ahead

2. Market Your Live Stream

3. Research Methods

4. Understand Encoders

5. Check Your Equipment

6. Check Your Internet

7. Don't Cheat

8. Pay Attention To Settings

9. Follow YouTube Community Guidelines

10. Polish Your Video


Your first live stream videos will be experiments on how to stream on YouTube, so start small. Make your first attempts simple, such as introducing a member of your organization with a few interview questions. The simplicity of implementing a live stream makes the question of how to stream on YouTube less daunting. If you launch your live streaming campaign with a well moderated live stream that is only a few minutes in length, you will have a nicely finished product and get a firm understanding of how to stream on YouTube.