Today, there is so much that a business has to do to stay relevant. With the competition and connectedness that the internet delivers, a business without the right influence can easily get lost in the competition. One effective tool you can use to help get your business the influence it deserves is Google Hangouts. Ready to learn how to use Google Hangouts and see all that it can do for your business?

From its name, you know Google Hangouts is a service you shouldn't be missing out on. After all, it's made by the search engine experts themselves. And, just like you'd expect from a service provided by Google, when used correctly, Hangouts can help increase your business influence. Whether you've never used Google Hangouts before or are looking to take it to the next level, we've got what you need to know right here.

What Is Google Hangouts?

Before we get into how to use Google Hangouts, let's make sure you understand what this useful tool is. Simply put, Google Hangouts is a communication platform, but with so many communication platforms, what makes Google Hangouts stand out?

A Combined System

Group Interaction


How Businesses Can Benefit from Google Hangouts

We will cover how this service can increase your influence and how to use Google Hangouts for that, but Google Hangouts can do a lot more for your business. Here are some of the many ways that a business can benefit from Google Hangouts:

Employee, Colleague, and Partner Engagement

Client Relations

Product Demos


Exceptional Customer Service


Low Cost

Engage, Reach, and Influence Your Audience

How to Use Google Hangouts to Increase Your Influence

What really makes Google Hangouts great for increasing your business influence is Google Hangouts on Air. Google Hangouts on Air allows for simultaneous live broadcasting on Google + and your Youtube Channel. As you live stream, Google records the video and posts it on Youtube. Youtube has a huge user base, so this feature allows you to share your live video content with a much larger audience. Here's how to use Google Hangouts to increase your influence:

Host a Webinar

Have a Q&A Session

Hold Interviews

Promote a Product Launch

Create a Series

Provide an Inside Look

Share across Multiple Sources


Flashed at the android screen are applications including google hangouts

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Communication and connection are so important to a business. There's no better way to help your business grow than by engaging with your audience and by finding ways to stand out for them. Whatever your business and goals, knowing how to use Google Hangouts can help you increase your influence, and ultimately bring you more success. And now, you know how!

Featured Image: Image by Prashant Gautam from Pixabay