When running a business there must be some sort of order to the chaos that will ensue. Like any child will say, “I want all the candy in the world!”, but you and I both know that they need an adult to tell them that too much candy will make them sick… Well, you may have guessed it, too much free range will make your business sick. So how do you become the leader that you need to be in a world of followers?

Leadership and Why It Is Important

Dictionary.com states that a leader is, “A person or thing that leads” and the definition for leadership states, “The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs group”. In this case, the function of a leader is to lead your group to the most efficient business marketing and team building. So how do you do that?

What Does Leadership Mean To You?

Define what leadership means to you. Don’t just assume that because you are deemed the leader that you will rock the job like no tomorrow. Because more than likely you won’t be the rockstar you are thinking that you will be. You’ve got credibility and trust with your consumers, but do you have that with your team? So, you have to really think… What does being a leader mean to you?


Set Goals and Expectations

After deciding what being a leader means to you, you must set goals. Set personal goals and make them known to your team. Set goals for your entire team and make them known to your team. Be sure to let them know that you are going to be there to support them in making their goals. Letting them know that their leader is behind them will make them strive to make their goals.

Build With Your Team

Be one with your team. Don’t be that leader that expects their team to carry their load for them and don’t leave them in the dark. Ask for their opinions, ask what they think about new additions or subtractions to the company. You, as the leader, will ultimately have the final say about what happens with the business. But getting the input from your team can make things more manageable.


Be Approachable

Be approachable. Let your team know that it is ok to come to you with their problems. Let them know that you are there for them. Being a leader is sort of like being a parent. You have to love and nurture your “kid” until it grows to its fullest potential; After it is grown, you have to always have your door open for them. Pe a parent to your team members… This isn’t saying that you have to coddle them. This is just saying that you must determine how you wish to parent your team.

The Courses

Five hours. Three courses. In this case, it is easy as one, two, three! Out of these courses, you’ll get a multitude of learning done. You will learn where to start with your leadership, where to go with your leadership, and how to be the best darn leader that you can be!

For this course, you will need to be able to open PDF files and access to the internet, this course if for those already in management that needs that little extra boost or those that will be taking the reigns of management.


The Teachers

The lovely lady, Megan Torrance of TorranceLearning, brought you these informative videos to help you not only gain the following that you wish to have, but gain the trust that you need. She will walk you through these fast paced videos to make you the best dang leader ever. Follow her through your journey and you’ll be sure to see results!



Some would say being a leader is a born trait, but for some, it is a learned trait. Make this easier on yourself and use this Udemy course to learn your way into becoming a boss! Literally, in this case! Whatever the type of leader you are, born or learned, you will surely benefit from these three courses. You can never stop learning!