Having credibility in yourself and your product is extremely necessary. Think about it… You’re selling a product that is packaged poorly, but inside it is what everyone is raving about, the new fad. Everyone wants one.

Think of a brand new phone being launched, you want the phone, but the packaging of the phone leaves a lot to be desired, but the seller of the phone has a ton of credibility on their side due to social media and their online advertising. So what do you do? You buy the phone. How can you gain credibility, you ask? With our help, of course!


Know Your Product

Know your product. You’re probably thinking, “C’mon, really? That is a no-brainer. Why are you telling me that?!”…. Well, how can you gain credibility in your product if you don’t know every single, solitary piece of information about your product? Yes, every single detail! The ins and the outs! How can you answer consumers questions if you don’t know how or where to find the answer?

Product credibility

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Be Honest

Honesty… There is never too much honesty, to be honest. You’re customers will notice that your honesty will shine through; They will notice that you are honest throughout your entire site if you’re consistent. Always remember to be honest even when it is hard and when you don’t want to be.

If something goes wrong on your site, be honest about it. Stand behind your product and tell your consumers that you will fix it and it will be ok. If you have a promotion running, be sure to follow through with that promotion. Catch my drift?

Be Confident

Stand behind your product 100%. Even when no one else will, always be confident in your product. If you have confidence in your product and show it off that way, your consumers will also have confidence too. A consumer will likely want to buy from someone that has confidence in their product, versus a company that has no confidence in their product.

Endorsements and Testimonials

Every rung of the ladder has a necessary job. Without the bottom rung, you can’t get to the top and without the top rung, there is not high of the mountain. Be sure to treat every rung of the ladder with the same attitude and respect. That means if you receive a testimonial or endorsement, be sure to be thankful. Advertise that bad boy on your site like you were handed a million dollars.


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Don’t Be Barbie

Fake. Don’t be fake. But, hey! I got your attention with the barbie thing, didn’t I? This goes in with the whole honesty bit; Be sure that when you address your consumers, that you are addressing them with sincerity that they can feel and hear.

Be compassionate and kind to all of your consumers. This not only shows that when they have an issue, they will be able to contact you with an issue and not be worried that they aren’t going to be getting in contact with some one that may be mean or rude.


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