When you have an online platform with success based on how often you’re viewed, it is critical that you generate enough traffic to your website. There are many ways to generate traffic to your online content, and of course some are more fruitful than others. One method that can certainly be beneficial for any online market is Pay-per-View advertising (or PPV for short). It can be a great way to increase the traffic flow for your online content.

What Is PPV Advertising?

Pay–per–view advertising is, essentially, adware that generates a pop-up for your content whenever an internet user visits a particular website. When a user views your pop-up, you pay a set amount each time. There are other similar types of online marketing, such as Pay-per-Click advertising, but this is a bit different. Instead of paying every time a user clicks on your content which is often hidden as an ad on the same page, your ad comes as a pop-up. As such, you pay every time a user views your ad.

This can be a great form of exposure for your web content, directing users to view it and allowing people to view your content who may have otherwise never known about it. Of course, knowing how it works is crucial to reaping the maximum benefits.

How Does PPV Internet Marketing Work?

The basics of how PPV internet marketing works is all about adware. If you’ve got online content you want to increase Internet traffic flow towards, you use a Pay-per-View network and pay a small amount of money every time your content pops up as adware installed on a user’s computer. With this investment, you gain more exposure with Internet users and increase the likelihood they will visit your content directly.

To be a little more specific, adware gets installed on a user’s computer and essentially keeps track of their browsing behavior. Then, the adware will display pop up advertisements that it deems related to the user’s behavior when it visits certain websites. For example, if an Internet user spends a lot of time browsing travel websites to plan his or her dream vacation, adware would note that behavior and display travel-related ads to this user.

If you’ve got web content displaying some sort of travel-related product you’d like to sell, and you want to increase your exposure, PPV marketing might create a pop-up displaying your ad to this user – and maybe it’s a product they want or need but would not have otherwise known about.

So how does adware determine that your content is what should be shown to a user? Basically, depending on the PPV network that you decide to join, you can bid on keywords and URLs. So when an Internet user searches the web with one of your keywords, your pop up ad would be likely to appear. By the same token, if they go to a URL that you’ve bid on the pop-up ad they get could be your content. Consequently, it becomes essential to make sure you choose the right keywords and URLs and design your pop-up ad to maximize its effectiveness.

PPV marketers

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Benefits of PPV Internet Marketing

With many different marketing options available these days, it’s important to know how PPV internet marketing in particular can benefit you. This way, you can better understand if this strategy will suit your needs better than another.

  • Cost Effectiveness. Although other ad campaigns, such as Pay-per-Click, do not require you to pay until someone clicks on your ad, the extra costs with PPV are often offset by the widely increased exposure you get from PPV internet marketing. It has a much higher conversion rate of views to sales.This makes this method of advertising online to be a lot more low-cost, in the end.
  • Increased Exposure. Since you are not waiting on someone to choose to click somewhere to see your content, you’ll be reaching a much wider audience. So as long as you create your ad to be as effective as possible, awareness of your content will spread farther and faster.
  • Easy to Target. PPV internet marketing has the capability of allowing you to be associated with specific keywords and URLs. This allows you to think carefully about where you are presenting your content. If you choose wisely, your ads will be presented to exactly the right Internet users to boost its effectiveness.

The 5 Major PPV Networks

Traffic Vance

Traffic Vance has a reputation for having a good amount of traffic, helping you get the exposure you need. They do require a minimum deposit of $1,000 when you sign up with them. Deposits are standard with a lot of these major networks, and it often ends up being a worthwhile investment. Traffic Vance is the largest and most popular network currently out there.


50onRed is a solid low-cost network, with a minimum deposit at $500 and prices per view as low as two-tenths of a cent. They also offer a lot of other marketing products to ensure you can find something that works well for you. Advertisers that use 50onRed have also praised their easy-to-use interface.

AdOn Network

One of the great things about AdOn Network is its reputation for safety and security. They have tight control over malwares, so you can rest easy about that. Their minimum deposit sits relatively low at only $200. In addition, they offer you the ability to have not just pop-ups, but also banners and other types of full-screen ads. As a result, you can choose the way you’d like to present your content.

Media Traffic

The main appeal of Media Traffic for many marketers is that its set-up and interface is easy to use. Another thing this network has a reputation for is good customer care. If you haven’t done a whole lot of online advertising or marketing before, this may be a good option.

Direct CPV

Direct CPV is popular because it provides advertisers with a good return on the money they spend. Their system for how they allow URLs and keywords to be targeted has been found to be very successful. This gives you the best chance at converting views into actual sales.

Final Thoughts

PPV internet marketing has its own advantages to set it apart from other online marketing strategies. It can allow you to easily target the right audience for your content and gives you the flexibility to create the most attractive possible advertisement. Nowadays, there are a lot of great networks for using PPV internet marketing that can help you achieve your goal and maximize your rate of conversion from views to actual sales.