Marketing is a tricky business to be in. There will always be someone that will be better than you or better than your product, but you and only you can control your destiny. So why not use a marketing method that will not only advance your in the marketing world but also a more personal connection with your contacts? Email marketing may be the best option for you! But how can we use email marketing to build links, make a connection, and see higher conversion rates?

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a building of relationship, of sorts. You’ll ask a site to reference your site on their page. In return you must give them something. That can be money, a piece of content, or linking back to their page on another site. The point or the goal of link building is to rank higher in the search engine and to get more traffic to your website.


Is It Cost Effective?

Link building can be costly depending on the method that you decide to use. Depending on if you use a website to obtain these links for you, it can cost anywhere from $500 per link to $2,000 per link. However, if you use email marketing to reach your goal, most likely, the only thing you’ll really spend is time. There are many different methods to link building. You just have to find what works for you!

How Does It Work?

Email marketing usually consists of three attempts of emails. Firstly, you must pitch your campaign. For example, you must introduce yourself and and let them know why you’re contacting them. Secondly, you follow up with your first email if you don’t hear anything back. The third email is another follow up, but it is the final follow up. After that, you will be done with your attempts to build a relationship if you don’t get a response out of any of the three emails.

Check Out This Video

This video is two hours long and six easy steps with an introduction to link building, a strategy to link build, and a plan to work with. From this video you even get the link building plan that you’ll see in the video downloadable to you, how awesome is that!? You need basic knowledge of web design and a website to promote… Seems pretty simple, right? So why not check this out to see how you can drive more traffic to your sites and rank higher in Google search engines?

Who Is This Guy?

Jan De Wit is a not only a great teacher, but also a great entrepreneur. He has his hands in a few different pots, such as, SEO, internet marketing, sales letters writing, WordPress, cars, and more! What a boatload of knowledge! He is very passionate about what he does and has no problem gifting knowledge to others so they too are rich with knowledge too!


Link building is a wonderful way to drive more traffic to your site and make personal connections with other sites similar to your own. It’s all about building a relationship and using it to your advantage. Be sure to keep on top of your emails and responses and you’ll be perfectly golden! Link building is a give and take relationship. Like any transaction in the world, you give some to get some. Happy link building!