Viral videos all have one thing in common, whoever made them knew how to edit videos in the most fluid and appealing way. Video editing is one of the three pivotal elements in creating content that appeals to viewers.
Here we'll discuss what you need to know about video marketing basics, tips to increase followers, and how to edit videos. By the end, you'll be on your way to becoming the next big thing on the Internet.

Video Marketing Basics

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There are a few key steps to remember when marketing your videos. Marketing your videos with these tools can dramatically improve your search rankings and increase video viewership.


One of the very first things to take under consideration to have a video go viral is search engine optimization (SEO).  Here are several elements that play into that optimization.



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Tips to Increase Your Followers

Before we explain how to edit videos, let's take a moment to focus on how to increase your fan base.

Plan of Action

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Tech Specs

How to Edit Videos to Increase Views Effectively

Capturing your video is only the first step to creating amazing online content. Most of the magic actually happens in the editing phase. Here we'll discuss the basic steps for how to edit videos to bring in the most views.

Pick Your Program

Cut It Up



Smart Save

If you want to save your video with traditional specifications, save the file with a 16:9 widescreen ratio. Quality settings for your video should not go any lower than 720p (1280 pixels by 720 lines) which is standard HD.
Saving your video at the highest quality of 1080i (1920 pixels by 1080 lines) interlaced scan high-definition is also a good option. Go with the highest original quality you can for the hard copy of your video.
It's also a good idea to encode your videos before uploading them to a video streaming platform. If you overly compress your files, there is a good chance that your videos will lose quality when you upload it to the website. Video hosting website servers will compress the file again when you upload, which could render your video unwatchable.

When in doubt, you can check with the video website's support team to find more information about settings. YouTube offers the full scope of their upload encoding settings @:


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We all want to create incredible video content that one day goes viral. Knowing how to edit videos, market videos, and increase viewership helps us set the stage for our 15 minutes of fame or enduring success.

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