Keeping the conversation fresh isn’t always easy especially when you’re not good at holding a conversation. Maybe you have stage fright or maybe you just don’t know where to take the conversation so you just let it die off. Chances are if the conversation isn’t lively, your audience isn’t likely to listen to what you have to say or follow what you are saying. So what are some tips that you can implement into the conversation that will keep your conversation fresh and lively?

Listen First

If you are likely to listen in a conversation before you act, you’ll likely absorb what the other person is saying. By listening first, you don’t have the problem of jumping to conclusions or talking out of turn. You really give yourself the opportunity to give the other person a chance to be apart of the conversation. To have a conversation, you must actually have someone to speak with. Be sure that you allow yourself enough time and effort to listen or else you may actually be talking to yourself!

Talk Less

Less talk isn’t saying that you can’t talk at all. Just be sure that you don’t say anything that isn’t necessary. Adding to the conversation when it isn’t necessary also leaves room for the uninterested to bow out. Little facts here and there to make the conversation more lively is great, but make sure that you aren’t over talking.


Make Your Conversation Personal

Use names, first names, last names, or whatever is provided to you. Make them feel as though they are able to talk to you and feel that they have a personal connection with you. Think about it… You’re more likely to converse with someone that you know or feel that they are easy to converse with. Make the person that you are speaking with comfortable as possible.

Find Similar Ground


Have similarities? Use them to your advantage in your conversation. Make your common ground the focal point of your conversation but don’t overplay it. Use your common ground as a crutch to keep the conversation going with everyone involved interested. Similar interests can be used as an ice breaker too! Use your familiarities to your advantage with each individual groups of people or persons.


Speak With Certainty

Make sure that you speak with certainty whenever you are speaking. Going in blind and speaking as though you don’t know what you are talking about will likely lead your conversation south. You won’t know  where to begin and you won’t know where you left off with your conversation if you’ve gotten lost in your thoughts. Being certain of what you want to say makes you sound confident and knowledgable.

Kahlid Hosni

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Be sure to utilize all 1.5 hours and the 13 supplemental resources to really build and learn your skills for the best and confident communication. Communication and keeping the conversation fresh will not only lead you to better personal business skills, but this can also help in business assets too. If you are a public speaker, aspire to be a public speaker, or wish to learn the ways to confidently speak and keep the conversation fresh, this course is for you!