The legal profession is one of the world’s most competitive field. One quickly learns that it’s not enough to simply do good work. Potential clients need to hear about it as well. And that message needs to also push past the competition.

In this article we’ll examine advertising concepts which have particular applicability to the legal profession. We’ll use an idea’s overall importance to an advertising campaign as the primary metric. But we’ll judge cost, time and difficulty as well.

1. Ask Clients for Reviews

The best law firm advertising ideas combine wide reach and low cost. Client reviews cost nothing to implement. Cultivating client satisfaction is simply part of standard practices. Just by operating a law firm one can set the foundation for this form of advertising. And the scope of a review can be surprisingly large.

The key to this idea is actually guiding the review process. If a client seems particularly happy with the results than one should specifically request a review. However, it’s vitally important to direct them to the proper online resource.

Most law firms assume that business centered sites like Yelp are the best place for reviews. But it’s far better to target geo-aware services such as Google Maps. Consider what happens when someone needs to find a legal firm.

People typically type their needed service into google maps to find a local office. If that’s done, the positive reviews show up instantly. Along with directions to the firm, phone numbers and contact information. Law firm advertising ideas should always emphasise availability.

2. Stay Active in the Community

People tend to think of advertising as something that’s created and then pushed into the world. But some of the most important forms of advertising come from getting out into the world to talk with people.

A legal background can provide one with skills that are in high demand in the world. Law firms can cultivate a positive reputation through community outreach to those in need. Even minor involvement with a public cause might be enough to justify public thanks or recognition.

For example, helping out with a popular public area’s paperwork. The small time commitment turns into a solid link between publicly appreciated services. At that point a law firm gains positive emotional resonance in the public eye.

Of course one should always make sure to specifically ask for some form of public recognition. For example, requesting an individual or the firm itself receive mention on a service’s info page.

3. Carefully Define Value Propositions

One should always use value propositions when considering new law firm advertising ideas. Value propositions are a specific good or service that’s linked to one’s company. When someone hears about a law firm they should instantly take note of the proposed service that’s offered to them.

If someone is looking for legal help than it’s almost certain they have a specific issue in mind. They come to any advertisement with a well defined need. It’s up to a legal practice to ensure that the proposed value matches up to it.

Companies which offer a wide variety of services often try to use fuzzy language to offer up value propositions. But it’s not a very effective technique in comparison to fully defined value propositions.

One should ensure that the firm’s website has sections specifically tailored to any possible client need. And when doing so one needs to ensure that items within it are clearly presented. Any given page should present key points that are notable even when someone skims the text.

4. Focus Adwords Campaigns Around Custom Landing Pages

Of course one issue with value proposition comes from where people encounter it. One needs to properly match value to need. With something like print media it’s a difficult proposition. But online advertising has an effective way to get around the problem. One can make effective use of a landing page.

A landing page is a specific entry point to one’s website. Basically, they land on that page after clicking on a targeted advertisement. The best way to use it is in conjunction with a Google Adwords campaign or similar service.

Combining online advertising with multiple landing pages can create a feeling of expertise. For example, consider a law practice which offers multiple services. A client searching for one of them can match up to a paid link. This link leads to the landing page rather than the standard site entry point.

The technique ensures that someone’s first impression of a firm is full dedication and expertise. It gives an impression that the law firm has a particular specialty involving the exact issue they’re looking into.

5. Cultivate Research Skills as a Resource

Experts within a field often forget just how rare their skills are. Even basic research skills learned early on in school can be quite rare in the general public. When a law firm spends time on complex cases it’s easy to forget the small things. Even something as simple as quickly browsing popular news to validate the credibility of a citation is a rare skill.

One should carefully consider moments in one’s day where education really comes up. Again, this might occur when reading or watching a news story where the agency misinterprets the data.

Most people leave it there. But it can be a good starting point for many different law firm advertising ideas. The easiest method involves setting up a blog. These typically operate as a semi-formal extension of a main law firm’s site.

One can critique the legal significance of items that appeal to a local population. Analyzing and writing about any content or news can work for advertising. But as we’ll see later, working with local events can cultivate an even more important readership.

6. Focus on Local Issues

Previous items should have driven home the importance of cultivating local interest. The internet has vastly expanded the overall market for most businesses. And even law firms have to deal with national or statewide competition. But this also creates an effective way of countering other advertising efforts.

Locals are a legal firms most important demographic. But the internet’s focus on worldwide audiences tends to direct advertising away from that group. Law firm advertising ideas should always consider local significance.

For example, one should make sure to write blog entries that contain local reference points. Local events, public spaces and landmarks can all end up marked by search engines. In turn, this can lead to increased traffic from locals.

Along with this one needs to create a local web presence. One shouldn’t be overly blatant or blunt about it. But when weighing in on local events it’s important to make one’s legal background and services apparent. This lends credibility to an argument. But it also creates a stronger local presence.

7. Appealing Video Advertising

Law firm advertising ideas using video might well be the most important tool for a successful practice. As such, one needs to put a great deal of care into planning videos. First, it should accurately represent the law firm’s overall presence. One shouldn’t adopt an overly formal or informal tone.

It’s also important to come across as legitimately caring. The video should move viewers away from labels. Viewers should come away from a video with an impression of caring and skilled professionals.

Law firm advertising ideas using video come in a few different forms. As a first step, one should put video onto a specific page detailing the firm. This links back into previous tips regarding public service. Any interviews or news stories involving positive work by the firm should also have an embedded presence.

If video involves active work in the community than one should consider hosting it on Youtube. In doing so it becomes easier for others to link to when recommending the firm.

Summing Up

When considering these tips one should take note of some recurring points. Many of the tips involve making personal connections. In terms of business it’s important to be visible within the community.

But on a larger scale one can also benefit by discussing things online. Discussing one’s results with these tips can help spark new ideas. And seeing how different circumstances change results can help one prepare in advance. As such, one should consider weighing in with personal experiences.