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Can Visuals Help Your Case When Marketing Your Product?

Often times we don’t think of the ads or the visuals that we see scattered about on our screen. We often don’t think about the visuals and what goes into them. But think about it… Have you ever actually seen anything marketed without visuals? The answer is no… So, that leaves a few questions in our midsts… Especially the question of can visuals actually help your case when marketing your product or products?

Why is Visual Marketing Important?

Humans are very visual people. When it comes to learning, understanding, or doing anything that requires us to use our brain, often times we use visuals to really gain an understanding of what is trying to be said. That being said, make sure that you keep your visuals consistent throughout the entire article.


That being said, if you’re a “skimmer” (someone who just skims an article versus someone who fully reads the article word for word.), visuals help your case and give you solidarity on what you’re reading. Aside from helping you understand, visuals also give your brain a reason to engage, thus giving you the want to understand and learn. Who knew all that came from a visual!

What Are The Different Visuals?

Since there are many different types of visuals, different uses for each visual, and different methods of madness to each, what are the main visuals that are primarily used for visual marketing that help to boost your marketing case? Here are the top five!


Images are just photo stills. Something that relates or is related to the article. This can be an original photo or it could be cartoon or animated. This image is strictly just a photograph of either original work, an animated photo, or a still from a video.



A video, a clip of a video, or a gif is just that. A video. A well made video depicting the item or items that you are marketing can be a great seller and the video does the talking for you! Take the PRGirl for example, this mini series shows the life of a young, successful woman with a PR career. It’s real, it’s raw and it gets the message out there.


An informative graphic with information pertaining to the item or items that you are selling. It is proven that infographics with all the correct information on them leave an outstanding impression on the buyer.

Screen shots

Taking screen shots or visuals of testimonials from your site can also give a good vibe. Anyone can look up the reviews on your product, but showing off or tooting your own horn is also great! You can brag about what you’ve done right. (Tip: just think of the negative reviews as how you can improve.)


Memes… Funnies… A generated photo, usually with words, to describe (or mock in a most humorous way) what you’re advertising. A way to get everyone laughing. This shows a sense of bluntness, a hint of reality. It shows your buyers that you’re real.

Who Are These People?

Thanks to Visual Contenting with Visual Marketing Consultants and Trainers, this group of experts brings you the best of the best. You’re able to learn everything that you need to know about visual marketing in a two hour video with a walk through of Canva, design template examples, and the ability to practice with these awesome experts.


So, what do you think? Can visuals help your case when marketing your product? Absolutely Totally! For sure! How else can I say it?? YES! So if you’ve a plan that doesn’t include visuals for your marketing strategy, you may want to rethink your marketing strategy. Visuals can not only help your product, but they can also help you! A proper visual can take your buyers to a whole new world.