So we’ve helped you out here and there when it comes to writing a press release. We’ve given you tips and tricks, pointers and advice on how to write a press release properly. Now it is your time to fly. Flying on your own is exhilarating and worth it when it comes to the end result. Writing your own press release is the easy part, but what if I told you that we have a secret that will help you through, not only writing it, but also distributing it. So, what is this secret?

The Best Kept Secret

This site seems to be too good to be true. There are tools that this site offers that go above and beyond to get you what you need. So enough hemming and hauling… Let me introduce you to the A great and holy grail to all your press release needs.

Find Our What This Secret Has To Offer

So saying that this site is too good to be true… Yeah… You’ll understand why when you see what it has to offer… This site is completely user friendly. As soon as you log on, you see easy task bar menus directing you where you want to go. When you scroll down, you’ll see breaking news; This is press releases that have been distributed by the prlog themselves.

In addition to these factors, you’ve also got a press release directory of previously posted press releases, a business directory of real businesses that use this site. If you’re a journalist, you will find job listings and you will also find a product directory.

The Best Perk of All?

In addition to all of those previously mentioned perks, you’ll also find that the biggest perk of all is… Drum roll please! It’s free. Yes… You read that right. It’s free to use their services. Their tips on how to write a press release, their distribution services, their data base… All free of charge to you.

These services may be free to use to anyone, but the other perk that comes with this? Call it a gold membership if you will, but for a small fee, you can even have your press release distributed to news sites and journalists.

How Can You Utilize The PR Log?

Step one, create an account. That is it. You’re done. You can utilize the site as you see fit, but by creating an account, this allows you to submit and distribute your press release through the PR Log.

Press Release Marketing A-Z

You have amazing tools at your finger tips to help you with all your press release needs. So on top of the PR’s best kept secret, there is also this great and wonderful video that will aid you in getting the knowledge that you need to be successful.

Not only will you learn about press release marketing from A to Z, you’ll also know what to look for when you shop PR on the web. The great thing about this video? No experience is necessary. Hop on and learn all that you need to from this awesome video and utilize this wonderful tool to help you work the media.

Now that you know this best kept secret(s), use it to your advantage. Work smarter, not harder with PRLog. The PR Authority is here to help with all your needs, but will give you what you need to write a press release and distribute it where it needs to go. So will you use the PRLog for your next press release? Not only is this a great tool, but this is also a great reference. You’ll be able to dazzle the the media with your charm and effortless grace… Just kidding, but you will be able to dazzle the media with this best kept secret, the PR Authorities’ tips, and tricks from the Press Release Marketing A-Z video.