Over the last few years, social media has really taken off in not only the personal world of the internet but also the business world. The rise of social media marketing, or SMM, has taken off like a jet plane and has been flying ever since. But what are the all the facts about SMM, the pros and the cons?

What is Social Media Marketing

SMM is the way of marketing through… You may have guessed it already, SOCIAL MEDIA! This includes accounts created through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything else internet based where you can see a return of investment.

Want To Learn How to Effectively Use Social Media?

Of Course You Do!

Often times you have to spend money to make money. Here you will spend a little time and a little money for an A+ course that will not only teach you how to effectively use SMM, but you will also learn strategy, the fundamentals, plan, and audit, just to name a few. Go from “social zero to social hero“!

What Will You Need?

You must have a business need for social medial, this course isn’t for those looking for training with their personal social media accounts. You must have an internet connection and working computer to participate in the four hour course

SO ME Academy

SO ME Academy is based in the United Kingdom and they are the leading social media training organization there. They are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals of what you want to see come out of your social media marketing campaign.



Cost Efficient

Usually social media accounts are free. How awesome is it to have a place to market your brand at little to no cost. There is no “post” limit and you can market yourself freely!

Reach Bigger Audiences

Marketing your business through SMM will reach “friends” of “friends”, thus resulting in a bigger audience reach. A bigger audience reach means a broader spectrum to market to.

Builds A Relationship

Through your business accounts, you can have personal conversations about your brand. You can converse through personal message or replying to comments. This results in creating relationships with you customers.

Higher Conversion Rate

Because you reach a broad spectrum of customers and you are able to build relationships, you conversion rates will be higher than if you didn’t have social media.

Brand Loyalty

Marketing your brand is easy, but marketing your brand to customers and showing that you stand behind your product no matter what can be tricky, but necessary. This promotes brand loyalty; Meaning that if there is an error in your product, then you will stand behind it and let your customers know that your product is still quality.

Return of Investment

Through thorough time spent on your social medial accounts you will be able to see a return of investment by letting people be aware of your brand and see the relationships that you have built through social media because of your brand.



There are many honest people in this world, but sadly, we do have those rude people that try to hijack your business and portray it as their own or just ruin your reputation. If you’ve got a hacker issue, this is something that is out of your control, but more than likely you will be notified by email if someone else had logged into your account.

Damaged Brand Name

Not only can hackers damage your brand name, but rude comments that are unnecessary can create a hardship for your brand too.

Time Consuming

Marketing your brand will be time consuming, especially on social media. You’ll have people commenting and messaging you. You must get back to them in a timely fashion to build trust with them. Being cordial and friendly all the time is a must!


Just as there are pros and cons to everything we do in life, we have to measure which outweighs the other. You must ask yourself if social media marketing will be right for you and your business. Just like a business is a big commitment, SMM will be just as much of a commitment. But more than likely, this commitment will be worth it in the end to see the conversion rates that you have been waiting for.