As we know, a press release is a method of announcing big ticket items or news that gives information about particular matters, good or bad, in the form of a brief story. Hopefully when doing a press release, it is all good… But what are the questions that you need to ask yourself before doing a press release? And how do we get publicity?


Do I Know What I Am Talking About?

It is pretty hard to do a press release if you don’t actually know what you are talking about. If you are asking yourself this question and don’t know what you are talking about, then don’t bother reading on until you figure it out.

Is This Worthy Of A Press Release?

First you must figure out if your topic is worthy of a press release. Don’t just assume that because you have had something big appear in your “newsfeed” that you must share it with the world via a press release. If you overuse your power with press releases, people will start turning a blind eye to what you have to say.

Is It SEO “Approved”?

More than likely if you aren’t placing keywords in your headline or sub-headline or anywhere in your press release content, you more than likely will not place anywhere near the first page on Google. Placing links in your content can also be helpful to you. But don’t over do the links, after bit, Google Analytics may see that you used too many links that seemed as though they were “spam” related, Google will end you… Well not really, just that specific piece of content that you put out.

Who Am I Addressing?

What is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach out to with your press release? If you are selling gym equipment and you’re getting the newest piece of technology that will help elderly people with hip replacements do physical therapy, you don’t want to talk to the thirty-somethings that do cross fit. Ya catch my drift?

What Are The Benefits?

Identify the benefits of your topic. Be sure to let you audience know how this topic or product can benefit them personally. By addressing how this topic can personally benefit your target audience, they will more than likely wish to read on and possibly participate in what your company does or has to offer.

Who Is The Front Runner Or Spokesperson For This Particular Release?

Appoint one person to field all the questions and present the release. This will eliminate confusion on who to go to when question or comments arise. Having one person to represent your business also lets the world know that, that one person is the front runner.

These Are The Questions….Now How Do You Get The Publicity?

Unless you’re really big, like The President or a celebrity, the media won’t come find you.. You will specifically have to put the effort in to find media that will cover you.

You should know specific people to contact in the media world to request coverage. Each reporter has a different niche. Be sure to have a list of reporters (TV, radio, and newspaper), that have their specific niches related to yours. You may not have the best luck requesting coverage from someone who has a different niche than what you are looking for.

The Course


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What you need: 

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The Guy You’ll Want To Thank

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So tell me? When you questioned yourself about your press release, did you know all the answers? Were you expecting those questions? If you’re a seasoned pro at this, you probably don’t need to be reading this, but a refresher is always nice, right? Let’s hope that your press release goes wonderfully. But I am sure that your press release will go even better if you question yourself utilizing these questions and watch the video to learn yourself of even more knowledge about the subject!