If you’re anything like me, you’re just starting out with this whole experience. More than likely you don’t know all the sites that can help you or haunt you when it comes to handling the public relations of your company. But have you ever wondered if there were a thing that would totally take the leg work out of public relations? A website that would literally take the guess work out of distribution of your press release and getting media attention. What if I told you that there was such a site? All you have to do is login.

DIY Marketing

So, if you’re like me, I like to DIY. I DIY everything from crafts to home projects, so why can’t we DIY all things public relations? The answer? Yes, you totally can, but sometimes it is easier to have help for jobs like these. So the question you need to ask yourself– Are you able to represent yourself for your company, maintain the public image, and distribution of all press releases? But the most important question you need to ask would be do you have the strategy plan to succeed?

udemy.com, theprauthority.com

Maybe you don’t at the moment, but Vladlena Taraskina does. She is able not only guide you on everything that you need to know about dealing with your company, but she also gives you the ability to create a fail-proof strategy on public relations. The pricing for this amazing software vs the cost of your overall time per press release will not even be a comparison.

Engage A Target Audience

resources from cision.com for theprauthority.com

Not the DIY type? We’ve got you covered. This site that will not only help you out, but will more than likely take the guess work out of many topics you were probably wondering about. Cision can not only help you with this, but they have tons of tips and ideas to further your knowledge. From Cision.com, you will not only engage a target audience, but you’ll also get your news or press releases out to the media. Think of this as a resource, paying a small price isn’t a bad thing if you get what you’re paying for. This isn’t something that you have to worry about, because you will. You can pick and choose what tools you want to utilize.

They Go Hand In Hand

prnewswire.com for theprauthority


You will get what you pay for, the small price that you pay will be totally worth it. Cision is the father company to theprnewswire.com. The PRNewswire is a great resource to find solutions to your problems and answers to your questions, a one stop shop for all your public relations needs.

As a journalist, you find resources and a blog; use this blog as an example of sorts. This blog is great because you’ll find great articles written by professions that may be able to help you troubleshoot; This alone can save you a ton of time, as you won’t have search the web to find answers to your questions.

Help A Reporter Out

HARO for theprauthority

Through Cision, you can also get top of the line opportunities directly from HARO. HARO stands for help a reporter out, a job listing of sorts for topics to be claimed by journalists. This gives you, as a journalist, the opportunity to write newsworthy items for experts to publish.


prweb.com for theprauthority.com

Call this a one stop shop for writing press releases. Reach your target audience with no issues. The PRWeb will give you all the opportunities you need to create your press release with tips on actually writing your release if you have never written one before.

There are channels for you to distribute to not only to the prnews.com to over three million visitors, but also to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the list doesn’t stop there.

Not only can you write and distribute your press release on the prweb.com, you can also track your press release distribution. You’re able to see detailed analytics as soon as your press release is distributed. This allows you to utilize and understand your audience better.

Social Software

The Social Software through Cision gives you Social data showing all of your social data directly to you all in one place. This particular social software allows you to have all your social media platforms in one simple place. Once you’ve integrated Social Software from Cision, you’ll have smooth sailing from here on out. Utilizing this tool can give you a hand up when it comes to social media marketing.


profnet for theprauthority.com

ProfNet is lined with experts to not only assist you, but to guide you with proper information.  They’ve got experts to help you write up a press release; Through PRWeb.com, journalists can find experts to help write more “meat” so to speak. If  you’re looking for an expert to quote, you don’t have to go far. These experts not only help journalists that need quotes for their press release, but the experts, in turn get the publicity that they need. It’s a win/win situation for both the experts and the journalists.

Cision really thought of everything when they designed their website. Literally, all of these great tools are all on one place. The PR Newswire not only a site to go for distributing your press releases, but also a great place to ask for expert advice and to problem solve. WWW. Prnewswire.com is even big in Asia, they are literally world renowned. Marketwire.com and prnewswire.com have similar prices, but wouldn’t you want to see the logo or badge from PRNewswire: iReach on your press release?

Customer based reviews would say that the prnewswire would get an eight out of ten stars. Not only for the proficiency that you get when it comes to distributing a press release, but all the other perks that you get as well. What rating would you give the prnewswire.com? We would love to hear!