You know the official statement given to the news outlets such as the newspaper or a magazine that announces something big or a change about a company? This statement is also known as a press release. It’s the official statement given by a company, big or small, that they want to announce. This announcement can be anything from setting the record straight or releasing a new product. So let’s set the scene… You’re a small business owner, you’re mainly a distributor online but you need to make an impression on your customers. How can you do this effectively and efficiently?


The Objective

The objective when running a site or selling items on a site is to get traffic to your site. Without traffic, anything that you post about your site won’t been seen. The issue isn’t that your site is “bad”, it is just that you maybe don’t have what it takes to drive the traffic to your site. Be sure that you are doing everything that you can to drive the traffic to your site before you release a press release.

Online Press Release

An online press release can range from free to up to $370 per release. Wow! If you like, you can push your own press release out via social media or through an email campaign. This will just cost you time and energy. Where as if you submit your press release to a press release distribution service, they will do the work for you and take care of everything that you need to have done depending on the package that you choose to go with!

Online Press Releases Format

No matter how you decide to distribute your press release for your site or sites, whether you use distribution services or you decide to distribute it yourself, it is best to use a special format that you will be able to follow to make your press release clear and understandable. Make sure you do your re-search on what will work best for your site!


Make sure you create a head line that is relative and meaningful to the subject. If your headline isn’t relative to what you’re talking about, you can almost consider this false advertising. Remember to be creative and honest when brain storming what you should come up with. You don’t want the first thing that you consumers read about your company to be a lie or misleading.


The sub-headline follows the headline and allows for a description of what is about to be told. Think of this as when you are searching on Google, you see the title and then directly underneath you see the description of what exactly you’ll be clicking on to read.


Lead Paragraph

This is the hook, line, and sinker. This is where you will hook your reader. You’ll answer the questions of who, what, when, where, and why in this area. And make sure you make it good!

Second Paragraph

This paragraph doesn’t even have full sentences, you can use bullet points if you like. Make sure you add facts and other information about your site or product that are true and semi-detailed.


Pull a quote from the leader of the company. Show everyone that the leader of the company stands behind the company. Make sure that they sound as if they are natural and flow with conversation.

Call To action

Give your readers homework. Direct them to your blog or your social media to see what will happen with the future. You can even include a link to send them to a direct page. This allows them to be interactive.

The Closing

Remember to make your release stand out and make it your own. Using a template is ok and generally following a template is great, but just be sure that you invest your time in making your press release jump out at your readers for all the right reasons. Make your consumers want to read your press release.

The Questions You Must Ask Yourself

There are four questions that you must ask yourself before you give a press release. These questions are meant to help you. If you answer “no” to any of these questions be sure that you fix it so that the answer is “yes”.

Do I Have The Traffic?

Make sure that your website has the traffic. If you do a press release online, more than likely it won’t reach a lot of people. Want to find out how you can drive more traffic to your site? Check out Word Streams Guide and tips to increase the traffic to your site.

Is It Formatted Properly?

Do you have a headline?  A sub-headline? Quotes?  A call to action? All the necessary specifications that make a properly formatted press release? If it isn’t properly formatted then more than likely it will not be accepted by most of the press release hubs.

Is It Newsworthy?

If you took a step back, would you want to read your press release? Make sure that your release is something that would want to be read by all that will see it (Including all that frequent your site and all new comers).

Is it Creative?

Make it conversational. Don’t have a stiff informational letter that you would write to the President. Make it so that you want to continue to read until the end. Keep it smooth and easily readable for all that have the potential to read.

Choose A Distributor

You know how you go to a beer distributor for all your beer needs? Yeah, well, there is a distributor for press releases too. Who knew! There are tons of distributor services that you can choose from and you must figure out which one works best for you!

The Perks Of An Online Press Release

In today’s society, we are mainly a digital world. Heck, you can even find the newspaper online. So the perks of an online press release? Think about it… If you submit you press release to any of the newspapers local to you, if it is accepted, will be in the physical newspaper and more than likely posted online as well.

Two for the price of one! Boom! Also, the price… You can find press release services at little to no cost for online services. You just have to do your research and find what works best for you, your site, and what you’re doing for your press release.

Ellen Lavinas

Press Release Udemy

You wanna know how you can gain massive website traffic? Guess what… You don’t even have to look any further. Ellen Lavinas is a Certified Master Virtual Assistant Worldwide and is here to give you the knowledge to do just that, give a press release that will drive more traffic to your site. Who wouldn’t want that?

This video, provided by udemy, is 32 minutes long. But don’t count out the fact that it is a shorter informational video. This video is short, sweet, and to the point. You’ll get all the information that you need. Just be aware, you will need to have a creative mindset and some patience. This video is for anyone that would like to gain traffic and exposure or if you need more leads and business.


When giving a press release in any fashion, you must be confident and stand behind your product. This is something that has the potential to not only drive more traffic to your site, but also give you the customers and business that you’ve been waiting for. Would an online press release benefit you? I am sure that it would if you meet the specifications!