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How To Delete A Facebook Page In Five Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to delete a Facebook page you no longer want?  Do you know the difference between deleting and deactivating your page on Facebook?  In this article, we will give you all the information you need to learn how to delete a Facebook page.

Deactivating vs. Deleting a Facebook Page

facebook logo

Users have many reasons for deleting their Facebook accounts. Perhaps they are trying to cut down on screen time, have lost touch with most of their connections, or are concerned about security breaches and profile hacking. But, should you delete your Facebook account for good or just simply deactivate your Facebook account for a break? Do you even know how to delete a Facebook page?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to leave Facebook, it is important to understand that you have two very different options to choose from. Users may either temporarily deactivate or permanently delete their account. Users who have made the plunge to delete their pages make the argument that life outside of Facebook forces people to have more realistic and personal connections without the use of the Internet.

There is no doubt that quitting Facebook also improves mental health, as recent scientific studies have shown that prolonged social media use leads to jealousy, anxiety, and depression. There are certainly many cases stacked against using the popular social media platform.

So, where on Facebook can you find how to deactivate a Facebook page or how to delete a Facebook page? Facebook isn't exactly forthcoming with the steps to delete your page (it affects their business and credibility after all). That's why we have done a little digging and put together everything you need to know about how to delete a Facebook page. Before you jump the gun and hit the delete button, it is important to recognize what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. Read on to find out which course of action is best for you and how to delete a Facebook page.

Deactivating a Facebook Page

Deactivating your account is a temporary suspension of your Facebook profile. Deactivation is ideal if you are in need of a brief social media detox and plan on returning to Facebook in the future. It allows you to log out of your account without permanently deleting all of your information, photos, or connections. Users cannot search for you while your account is deactivated, and your profile becomes invisible to viewers.

Your profile will also be disconnected from Facebook-linked applications and games including Spotify, Facebook Messenger, and Tinder. However, these will be reactivated upon logging back into your account. Deactivating your Facebook account gives you the ability to return at any time without losing any of your data. That means you will find everything exactly as you left it the next time you log back in. Continue reading below to see the instructions on how to deactivate a Facebook page.

Deleting a Facebook Page

Deleting your Facebook page is the permanent choice to close your page that cannot be reversed after a certain amount of time. Unlike deactivating your account, you will not be able to recover any of your information by deleting your account. Deleting your Facebook page will cause you to lose your friend list, your wall, photos, all posts, and other attributes forever. You will not be able to get them back unless you download all of your information before deleting your profile.

You will also permanently lose access to any external applications you have linked to your Facebook account, including Spotify and Facebook Messenger. Continue reading below to see the instructions on how to delete a Facebook page.

Do You Need to Know How to Delete a Facebook Page?

facebook login page on a screen laptop

You should definitely know how to delete a Facebook page in case you decide that deleting your page is the right choice for you.  It is is not a requirement to delete or even know how to delete your Facebook page. Most people use their Facebook accounts to keep in touch with friends and contacts they do not see regularly by posting pictures and status updates.

However, more and more users are searching for steps on how to delete a Facebook page as instances of security breaches arise. Certain firms, such as Cambridge Analytica, have been caught obtaining information from millions of users to influence customers for business and political purposes. Cambridge Analytica retrieved private information from 50 million profile users without their knowledge to ultimately affect voter influence in the most recent presidential election.

The fact that people's privacy was being violated sent people digging through Facebook to find the “delete profile” button. Many people saw this event as an eye opener of just how unsecure their information is in the virtual world and deleted their Facebook profiles without hesitation. Some users have credit card information stored in Facebook-linked apps that require premium subscriptions, such as Spotify.

If firms like Cambridge Analytica can gain access to people's profiles without them knowing to simply see their political views, there is no doubt that other unknown companies have access to even more sensitive information. Despite the controversy around third parties having access to your personal information, there is not a dire need to delete your Facebook account; users just need to use caution with the information they share through Facebook. What you post online is not as private as you may think.


How to Deactivate a Facebook Page

Remember that deactivating your Facebook page is not permanent. Users opt to deactivate their accounts for short social media breaks so they may return later on. Deactivating your account is a good option if you think there is a chance you will want to use your Facebook account again. All of your information, friends, contacts, photos, and messages will be recovered the next time you log in, that way you won't have to rebuild your profile from scratch if you change your mind.

To Deactivate a Facebook Page:

  • 1
    Select “Settings” from your profile page
  • 2
    Look under “General Account Settings," and select “Manage Account”
  • 3
    Select “Deactivate Account” and enter your password to continue
  • 4
    Select a reason for leaving from the multiple choice menu and select “Deactivate”

How to Delete a Facebook Page

Again, deleting your Facebook account will also delete your information and photos forever. If you have decided that deleting your Facebook page is the best option for you, you should inform your friends of your decision and write down their contact information and birthdays. It is also recommended that you download a copy of your information before it is permanently lost in the deletion process. You can do this by following the archive process in step one seen below. You may also download your photos by using the DownAlbum extension of the Google Chrome App.

To Permanently

Delete Your

Facebook Page in

Five Easy Steps:

  • 1
    To download your profile data, navigate to “Settings,” select the link “Download a copy of your Facebook data,” then select “Start My Archive.” Consider your embarrassing high school pictures saved forever, and you are free to continue deleting your profile.
  • 2
    Go to
  • 3
    Select “Delete My Account”
  • 4
    Enter your password when you are prompted
  • 5
    Select “Ok” to continue, and then “Ok” again to permanently delete your account.

Note that Facebook gives you a 14-day grace period to log back into your profile in case you change your mind before they delete your account. Your account data is permanently erased from Facebook after 90 days from the cancellation.


facebook logo

There are both pros and cons to keeping and deleting your Facebook account. Do you use Facebook as often as you used to? Is it a source of entertainment for you? Or, is it causing more unnecessary stress? Is it taking up too much time in your daily life? Social media was created to keep in touch in a fun and virtual way, but people are being social from a distance. If using platforms like Facebook starts to make you feel inferior to others, depressed about your life, or even unsure about the safety of your private information, is it really worth keeping your profile?

With so many other ways to keep in touch nowadays, having multiple social media pages isn't a requirement to stay connected with people. It is ultimately up to you whether or not to permanently erase your Facebook account. But, if you are considering deleting Facebook for security reasons, you may want to consider deleting other platforms like Instagram. Facebook owns Instagram, so they could potentially still have access to your information.

You may have strong feelings about third parties having access to your private information and are taking steps to reduce your personal traces on the Internet. You may just need a temporary break from seeing negative ramblings, political posts, and barrages of random family photos. Deactivating your account will allow you to take this needed hiatus without losing your entire profile and saved information.

While there is a surge of users permanently deleting their Facebook profiles, many people still enjoy using Facebook’s features to post daily and keep in touch with contacts they may not see every day. Whatever your reasons are for leaving Facebook, reflect on what you hope to accomplish by doing so. Just be sure to think through your decision before you hit the “delete” button.