When checking Google keyword ranking, choose a quality tool that can provide you with accurate results. The biggest mistake you can make when trying to make your website rank is use a “best guess” method for choosing your keywords. Using the wrong keywords could have you either not ranking where you should be placing or spending too much on keywords that are way too competitive to be cost-effective with your paid advertising efforts.

Luckily, there are many excellent tools you can use to check Google keyword rankings to maximize your ROI. And most of these tools come with a free trial period. Here are the best ranking tools you can find today.

Top 12 Google Keyword Ranking Tools

1. SEMrush

semrush google keyword ranking tool

You’ll get the complete Google keyword ranking package and then some with SEMrush. It offers both organic and paid keyword research features and it’s easy to use. Enter a URL for either your website or blog post and you’ll see the keywords you’re ranking for at the moment. You can also click on an individual keyword to see how competitive it is and an assortment of other useful details. Fine-tune your search by geographic region if you’re targeting specific areas.

2. ProRank Tracker

ProRank Tracker

Considered to have one of the most accurate algorithms of any rank tracking tool, ProRank Tracker allows you to view your rankings and access convenient reports. Use the info you get to see where you may need to take another look at your keyword selections. It also provides additional keyword suggestions for the reports generated for each URL.

3. Ahrefs


With Ahrefs, you’ll automatically see how your current Google keyword ranking based on an analysis of your website or you can use the Keyword Explorer to brainstorm new keywords for your site or individual pages. You can even see how your keywords are doing geographically. In addition to keyword rankings, the dashboard also updates you on your domain ranking, quickly shows you any technical crawl errors, and provides relevant alerts.

4. SEOCentro


The Keyword Rank Checker feature from SEOCentro allows to you check not only your Google keyword ranking, but your ranking on other leading search engines. You’ll get a thorough list of details for each keyword that will include a history of your selected keywords. You can check your domains as well as your competitors’ domains to get an idea of what they’re targeting the same consumers you’re looking to attract.

5. SEO SERP Workbench

SEO SERP Workbench

A chrome extension, SEO SERP workbench allows you to select your own keywords or keep tabs on what your competitors are doing with their keywords. You can quickly check keywords on multiple sites and get all the stats you need to know to make decisions about what’s working, what’s not, and which keywords you may want to consider for your AdWords campaigns. It’s also free and you don’t have to worry about offline software.

6. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools

While often used for its handy backlink checker tool, Small SEO Tools is also a reliable source to use for your Google keyword ranking determinations. The keyword ranking tool allows you to check up to 20 keywords with each request. You’ll get your results quickly in a format that’s easy to decipher. It also produces results for Bing and Yahoo keyword rankings.

7. SEO & Link Analyzer

SEO & Link Analyzer

Check your Google keyword ranking stats on the go with this versatile Android app. With a few clicks of the SEO & Link Analyzer app, you’ll be able to size up keyword winners and losers, compare results if you have multiple domains, and analyze your competitors’ efforts. The app also taps into the world’s largest database of info on millions of keywords.

8. Moonsy’s Google Position Checker

Google Position Checker

This free tool primarily focuses on showing you how your keywords are ranking and how your competitors’ keywords are ranking via a rank analysis. You can also use Moonsy’s Google Position Checker to check multiple domains for Google keyword ranking or test all of your domains for the same keyword. You can do the same for your competitors’ websites.

9. Authority Labs

Authority Labs

Learn what keywords are driving traffic to each page of your website with Authority Labs. The Web-based rank tracking tool draws data from various sources, including your available Google Analytics data. You can also track mobile rankings and local rankings by country, city, or zip code and check your keywords on multiple domains.

10. Rank Checker

rank checker logo

This Firefox extension by SEObook is a PC-based tool you can use to figure out your Google keyword ranking stats. All you’ll need to use Rank Checker is your Google account login info. You’ll have the option of getting customized reports on your Google rankings or turning off this feature to see how your keywords rank overall on search engines. Validate your rankings by simply scrolling over the data you want to affirm and click your mouse and CTRL at the same time.

11. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking

Prefer some of the added bells and whistles that come with a paid service? Advanced Web Ranking is widely considered one of the best of the bunch and it definitely offers some attractive extras. You’ll definitely appreciate the assortment of data views you get and the keyword insights presented. A cloud-based tracking service allows for greater accessibility to the data you’ll need to make important SEO decisions.

12. Wincher

wincher keyword ranker

Quickly audit your site or your competitors’ sites for keyword ranking with Wincher. You’ll have a choice between free weekly Google keyword ranking reports or paid rank checking. Especially appealing features include the ability to generate PDF reports and see your Google keyword ranking history in easy-to-digest graphs.

You’ll likely gravitate towards a handful of Google keyword ranking tools once you have a chance to explore the ones on this list. While some of these tools have overlapping features, certain tools will be better for your needs or easier to use. By paying attention to the words you use to target your customers online, you’ll improve your Google keyword ranking and see results that matter to you. Unless you’re primarily relying on paid advertising, allow some time for your keyword adjustments to work. What do you think? Share your thoughts.