No company can survive in today’s market without a strong digital marketing strategy. The marketing domain has many areas of interest, including digital marketing. This is a marketing process that involves new technologies, modern devices, apps, social media, search and display advertising, etc.

What Is Digital Marketing Strategy? Main Areas of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a part of the wider marketing domain. Furthermore, digital marketing has plenty of activities under its “umbrella”.

Some of the most used digital marketing techniques are content marketing, Search and Display Ads, social media network platforms, direct marketing (e-mail, newsletters), mobile ads, SEO and SEM (search engine optimization and search engine marketing).

A digital marketing strategy is preferred to an old-fashioned one, due to its advantages: it reaches a lot of people (online users), it has low costs, sometimes is even free, it is an easier and faster communication channel, and much more. Maybe the most important fact is that through digital marketing strategies, companies can encourage their clients to engage and interact with the brand.

On the other hand, a digital marketing strategy requires a careful planning, targeting, and positioning. Not all the Internet users are interested in what you have to offer, so pay attention whom you will send your message to. Platforms and apps such as Google AdWords have well-crafted targeting options. You can go into details and reach exactly the right people for your business.

Remarketing is another type of digital marketing strategy that you should consider. Let me give you an example of a remarketing situation, for you to better understand how it works. Let’s say that a potential client visits your website, after finding out about it from your social media platform. He/she scrolls a little bit on your pages in the search of the desired product, but after adding that product to the shopping cart, he/she gets out of your site (this is called the bouncing rate).

With the help of online digital marketing apps and charts, you can find out all about your visitors’ trajectory. Where on your website they spend the most time looking or searching for something. After that, you can create a precise targeted digital campaign to remind your visitor that he/she has a product saved in the shopping cart. This ad will follow that online user on another website that he/she visits. You can even come up with an attractive offer or a discount, in order to encourage your visitor to go ahead and buy the product. This will also increase the efficiency of your cost per leads rate.

How to Create a Good Digital Marketing Strategy?

how to create a good digital marketing strategy

Set Your Specific Goals

Before starting a marketing strategy planning, you must set SMART objectives. SMART is an acronym that means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-manageable. When you have clear goals you increase your chances of attaining the expected results.

Also, you must know your market, product, and clients, very well, before implementing a campaign. You can even use a digital marketing strategy template. Some of them are available online and are free of charge.

Select The Communication Channels and Create Your Message

The next step is to create the message you want your clients and potential customers to receive. This message must be unique, clear, concise, and relevant for your target audience. Also, you must choose specific communication channels such as e-mail, social media networks, Google AdWords, etc. These must be chosen carefully in order to match your message and objectives.

Do Not Forget About Mobile Users

More and more people get Online through mobile devices. So, make sure you remember to optimize your website and campaign to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, the risk of losing some potential clients increases.

Think globally, act locally is a well-known expression in the digital marketing world. Nowadays, online marketing apps offer very specific options. You can even target people that are near your business location and who can be interested in your services.

Optimization Is a Crucial Point

When your website is well-optimized, it will appear among the first few ads on Google Search. SEO is not all about keywords. Your content must be clear, of a good quality, and relevant to your target audience.

Link your website to your social media pages, in order to increase clients’ engagement. Then, you can follow their interactions, as well as actions, with the help of Google Analytics.

Insert videos on your social media networks as well as on your website. Videos gained a lot of awareness in the last couple of years. Users would rather listen and watch something than reading it.

Marketers must optimize the overall client experience with the brand or the company’s products and services.

Personalize Your Communication

Always make sure you address each and every one of your customers in a different, more personalized manner. They will appreciate it when you begin your newsletter with their name, instead of a more generic term.

Also, categorize your customers into different groups. Try to offer attractive discounts and gifts to your key clients. Customer loyalty is hard to obtain but easy to lose. You can still go after new clients, without having to lower the quality of the services you provide for your existing customers. Attracting new clients costs a lot more than increasing the loyalty of the existent ones.

Use Attractive Call to Action

A strong call to action encourages clients to make a lead. Leads can vary depending on your objectives. Some examples of leads are shares and comments, purchases, and other forms of interactions that make your company obtain the desired results.

Do Not Create an Aggressive Digital Marketing Strategy

Don’t put too much pressure on your audience and don’t suffocate them with a lot of newsletters and social media posts.

You must send your message at the right time, to the right people, in order for your campaign to be successful. Depending on factors such as who is your audience, what kind of business do you have, how the communication process must be done, you will determine how many emails to send per week, and what are the best parts of the day to do so. The same goes for social media networks.

In conclusion, a strong digital marketing strategy can boost your overall business activity. If you take into consideration all the elements described above, then you will find the right way to your clients’ ears and souls. You have to make sure that a close emotional bond is created between your brand and your customers.

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