Getting your new business off the ground can be a difficult task. Acquiring new customers without costing your company substantial amounts of money is a goal that many new companies fail to achieve. Pay per click affiliate marketing programs can help your website get more traffic without you having to break your bank. You can have a great website, but without visitors, it will not promote your business.

Today we will be examining the nine best pay per click affiliate marketing programs to give you a better chance of making your business known without spending every last dime that you have.

1. Clickfunnels

If you are a bit new to affiliate marketing technology, the complexity of programs can seem overwhelming. One of the most popular options for people unfamiliar with the software is a product called Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels offers easy to use tools that come along coaching from their team. Instead of spending hours trying to learn a new system or playing around with numbers, Clickfunnels uses tested methods to get your business into a funnel market. They will provide you with sales and marketing tools, informational books, sticky cooks that do not expire, and 40% commission rate.


If you have ever wished that you could show potential buyers the great feedback you are receiving from your current customers, your wish just came true. PROOF is a company that creates a pop-up whenever someone new purchases or interacts with your product. This conversational tool can spread the word of your business from person to person without you having to reach out and ask. The power of social interaction should never be underestimated and using it to your advantage is a great idea. High-value commissions are one of the best features of the PROOF program.

3. Bidadvertiser

A combination of pop up ads, banners, and notifications can help catch the eye of your customers. Bidadvertiser is one of the pay per click affiliate marketing programs that uses a combination of attention-getting techniques to attract customers to websites with low network traffic. Furthermore, it comes at a reasonable price of $100. The program could bring returns of thousands if you use it to your advantage.

4. Google Adsense

One of the most popular pay per click affiliate marketing programs out there is the program offered by Google Adsense. Because almost everyone uses the Google search engine, Google Adsense tracks customers preferences and places your advertisements where they will receive attention from the right people. Making ads relevant to people surfing the web can make your advertising conversion rate skyrocket. Along with their program, Google Adsense also offers highly rated support and product guides.

5. Super Links

Occasionally you just need to find a way to better monetize the current flow of users visiting your website. If this is the case, Super Links could be a very helpful option for your company. The Super Links affiliate marketing program not only carries five different types of ad units, they have live support, fast pay rates, and provide both display and mobile advertising.

The combination of ad units offered optimizes your current website traffic and uses full-page interstitial ads to help build high paying customers. Regardless of your website size, Super Links is well known for getting more money out of the visiting customers you have and getting your content out to the right people.

6. Shopify

Shopify has tools that have helped over half a million online retailers create successful businesses. They offer a variety of helpful strategies for online retailers including store management, search engine optimization, and virtual shopping carts. Using the product and referring it to other business can help you generate more income while receiving extra benefits. Their commission rate lands around 20% and cookies last 30 days. E-commerce stores are using this product to become profitable and it may be something to check out.

7. Affinity Advertising

Cross-branding is one of the most interesting features offered by the Affinity affiliate marketing program. They use campaigns to tactically reach your customers and make sure that they see an ad that appeals to them. The conversion rate of the program is very high and they also offer a mobile version called Discover. The mobile version is another effective strategy, as it tells a compelling story to connect your product with customers.

8. Instapage

If you can get people to get on your website but you just struggle to get them to purchase or use your product, you may need a better conversion strategy. Instapage has an easy to use platform that offers 30% commissions. Compared to other pay per click affiliate marketing programs, Instapage optimizes conversions and has a cookie length of 120 days, making any referrals earn much more money.

9. Personal Capital

Managing a customer’s funds and data is entirely necessary for wealth professionals. Clients financial needs are met to the fullest and each transaction offers a commission fee platform. It is made for pay per click affiliates; you could earn much more money from this program than others if you can find a way to be successful. The cookie length offered by the company is 60 days and promotes $100 per lead to a customer. They do not offer recurring commissions but getting many leads can boost your company income.

Summing Up

Whether you are trying to get your business off the ground or simply trying to each more money through pay per click affiliate marketing programs, this list should help you better understand which products out there are necessary to take into consideration.

Without an affiliate marketing program, it may be extremely difficult to find a way for your business to spread the word or reach new customers without having to pay huge marketing companies. As a result, using pay per click affiliate marketing programs, you could create new success.