Marketing is essential for all businesses as it improves brand visibility and recognition, thereby generating more sales and profits. Business to customer marketing is a strategy whose aim is to promote products among potential clients.
As such, a B2C marketing campaign requires managers or marketers to understand their customer needs. You need to formulate a marketing campaign which addresses the clients’ needs. Here are expert tips to an effective campaign.

1. Identify Your Customers

Any successful marketing starts with understanding your target customers. For this reason, you should take your time to understand what customers want from your brand, how to interact with them, and what motivates them to buy, among other issues. Your customers are not an automation and they certainly shouldn’t be treated as a b2b conquest. Use the information collected to formulate a B2C marketing campaign that matches the needs of your potential customer segments.

2. Focus on Building a Solid Brand Loyalty

After understanding who your prospect customers are and what they want, marketers should focus on building a solid brand loyalty. There are segmentation practices that you can utilize. Some of the tactics you can employ here include providing stellar customer care services as well as giving discounts to your clients. A strong brand loyalty will increase repeat purchases alongside attracting new customers.

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3. Use Free Offers to Draw Customers

Top marketers in the industry say that a free offer attached to your product promotes repeat purchases alongside promoting the word of mouth campaign. Reliable customer statistics reveal that 90% of clients who receive a gift after buying a particular product would purchase the product for the second time. On the other hand, 65% of customers who receive a gift say that they are likely to share their experiences. Based on this statistics, giving free gifts would be a good way to improve customer retention alongside making new sales.

Free gifts don’t have to be physical gifts that you mail to the consumer. Ever heard of the internet? Email marketing is great! Get their email, a great way to build a mailing list, and send them a gift online. This is the best way to save money on your part, build a mailing list, and make the customer happy.

4. Invest in SEM

SEM is a strategy that increases a business’s visibility in search engines with the aim of generating new sales from customers who rely on search engines to generate ideas on where they can purchase a particular product. For this reason, a sound B2C marketing strategy should also make search engine marketing a priority as a way to stay ahead of their competitors. A business survey suggests that companies that want to stay top of search engines should invest in long tail keywords rather than head keywords. Segmentation with software and strategies or plans are the way to go.

5. Use Micro-Influencers to Drive More Traffic to Your Business

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Marketing experts describe micro influencers as opinion makers or trend forecasters who have a direct personal connection with their small but loyal following. Some business research shows that 92% of customers would purchase a product endorsed by an influencer rather than an advertised product. As such, an influencer can generate publicity of your brand. Consequently, it creates an attractive sales spike from his or her loyal followers. Show casing differences versus similarities between b2b and b2c define who you are trying to sell to.

6. Educate Your Potential Customers on Your Brand

Education is a simple trick that would enhance the performance of your B2C marketing strategy. Business experts suggest that marketers should provide prospect customers with all information that they would want to know about your brand. You can do this by providing a detailed product review, videos, blog posts, and use of bright pictures to help customers understand your product. It is a universal rule that most customers would love to purchase a product that they know well rather than that which they do not know. Showcasing your product is the definition of segmentations of products.

One customer may be looking for a product to utilize for one specific use while the other may plan on using it for something out. Show versatility, size vs shape. This markets your products as versatile. This does make a difference when it comes to group or groups of people that you’re selling to.

7. Address Negative Feedback Professionally

While carrying out your B2C marketing campaign, it is expected that you will encounter contented customers who will appreciate your brand and dissatisfied customers who feel that you are not providing them with what they want. Business experts suggest that you should handle negative feedback professionally by avoiding an argument that can taint your reputation. Also use a negative feedback as a way to develop your product to meet your customer’s needs.

Meaning, don’t be mean. Utilize this time to grow and learn. Remember that the digital world is forever and you don’t want to have a poor reputation when it comes to a bad attitude.

8. Use Multiple Channels to Reach More Customers

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Marketing experts suggest that a successful B2C marketing strategy should employ multiple channels to reach and engage their customers. Some of the channels you could consider are the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to market your brand. You might also want to use channels like blogs, newsletters, in-person events, print magazines, and branded content tools to reach more customers.

9. Publish Your Prices

Price transparency is another B2C marketing tactic that helps your customers to make a purchasing decision. This tactic would be a good idea for businesses who sell their brand at a competitive price than that of their competitors. You might also want to design your brand such that it targets a specific niche market. For instance, your target could be the high-end market segment, the low budget consumer, or the all-round customer. This will allow you to capture the interest of all customers. Furthermore, you can support the price with features, specs, and ratings to help customers understand your product’s price value ratio.

10. Assess the Performance of Your B2C Marketing Campaign

Periodical assessment is an excellent way to evaluate the performance of your B2C marketing campaign to maximize your strength while working to improve on your failures. Some of the important parameters you can use to gauge the performance of your marketing campaign include:

  • Return on investment.
  • Sales volumes.
  • Customer response. partner intervention.
  • Competitor response.

A successful B2C promotional campaign should increase your sales, improve customer response, and should have a positive ROI.

Bottom Line

A B2C marketing strategy improves your brand’s visibility and loyalty from customers. A successful B2C marketing campaign requires that you understand your clients’ needs first before designing a campaign that matches those needs. Furthermore, you should improve your customer service skills, give discounts to promote repeat sales, and always evaluate the performance of your scheme to know if it is headed in the predetermined direction.

We hope that our tips help you formulate a profitable B2C marketing strategy. Feel free to share your own thoughts on the topic.